Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wilcraft Amphibious Ice Fishing Vehicle ice fishing, waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, and more by the Wilcraft Factory Rep

Wilcraft Factory Rep:  Don "Desperado" Lincoln  |  Cell # 651-334-6069  |  Email: Bookmark and Share

Designed with safety, mobility, convenience, and comfort in mind.

Imagine . . . your ATV, portable ice shelter, hunting blind, and duck boat . . . all rolled into one.

Ice Fishing:  Wilcraft delivers the ultimate in mobile ice fishing. Cleverly designed with three sealable water-tight ice fishing holes, retractable wheels and an enclosure that sets up or folds down with one quick motion. Wilcraft has an extremely light footprint, so with confidence you can be the first on the ice and the last to leave. 

Wilcraft ice fishing vehicle

Waterfowl hunting from a Wilcraft hunting vehicle with camouflage blind

Hunting:  A camouflage blind transforms the Wilcraft into a versatile hunting vehicle that can carry you and your gear to a favorite hunting spot…a small pond, a farm field or the woods.

 Utility +:  When other products get stored at season’s end, Wilcraft is ready to do more; from hauling bulky cargo to exploring areas previously unreachable.

Field Blind on a Wilcraft Utility vehicle  

Wilcraft climbing up on the ice.

Wilcraft Features


Safety . . . Yup, it Floats

Get past those treacherous areas with confidence; the light footprint gets you over spots others don’t even dare to try.

Wilcraft crossing treacherous thin ice.

If you do break trough the ice, this is a fully amphibious vehicle; the retractable wheels allow the Wilcraft to climb itself out of the water and back up onto the ice.

Wilcraft climbing onto first ice.  Great into the best ice fishing of the year.

Wilcraft Features 

Mobility and Convenience

Easy to transport and operate. Always setup and ready to go; puts the leisure back in the great outdoors.

Moving is quick and convenient; hull raises to 11” and lowers to the ground with the touch of a switch, canopy deploys and retracts with one quick flip, all your gear stays put and moves with you.

Uniquely designed weight placement, locking differential and light footprint combine to give you terrain ability like no other.

Wilcraft vehicle driving thru swampy area

Exploring the outdoors with a Wilcraft vehicle


  2” insulated floor will keep you warm and dry
  Quick Flip
  Canopy available in:
    •  Single layer
    •  Twin layer
    •  Insulated (Twin layer with thinsulate between the two layers)

Wilcraft thinsulate canopy

Wilcraft vehicle canopies

Wilcraft window covers
More Options


Wilcraft brings your passion to a new level. Whether fishing, hunting or exploring, you'll be impressed with its amazing abilities and possibilities.


Contact Wilcraft Factory Rep:  Don "Desperado" Lincoln  |  Cell # 651-334-6069  |  Email: